10 Celebrities Who Are Now Broke

While we think of people who have starred in a couple of movies or a long running television show as someone who is set for life, that’s not really how Hollywood works. The celebrity lifestyle is one that can lead to a lot of people spending a lot of money. Usually that money is spent at a pace that doesn’t allow some celebs who have a shorter shelf life to keep up. Sooner or later these actors and actresses find that they are spending money they don’t even have as their jobs tend to dry up. Suddenly, people you thought were likely on top of the world are in worse financial shape than your average Joe. Check out our list of 10 celebs who hit it big but are now shockingly broke and let us know what you think.

Tia Tequila

The reality television actor was one of the genre’s biggest stars once upon a time. She was earning more than $175,000 for her appearances on various reality shows but it appears she’s spending money faster than it’s coming in. Recently Tequila took to social media to beg her fans for financial help so she could buy furniture for her home.