10 Celebrities Who Battled Addiction and Won

Robert Downey Jr.

This charismatic young man from a family of actors was always destined for a brilliant future, but Robert failed his first trial by fame and went through a period of wild revelry and substance abuse. Those heady days and nights resulted in scandals, loss of contracts with major studios, and serious problems with the law.

The actor was sentenced to 16 months in prison and compulsory treatment. He spent almost a year in a clinic, after which he firmly decided to stop using drugs. Robert’s friends helped him to get new roles, and the critics reacted favorably to his comeback. Following the well-deserved success of Downey Jr.’s performance in Iron Man, the time came for the actor to start dictating his own contract terms to the Hollywood bosses.

Still, who knows what prestigious movie awards Robert might have won were it not for those years lost to addiction.

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