10 Celebrities Who Light Up the World With Their Intelligence

Whether they’re actors or musicians, celebrities seem to have plenty of beauty and talent. Still, many of them have something else: a gifted brain, sometimes so brilliant that it has enabled them to achieve excellence in unexpected areas of science, academics, and business. And by doing so, they’ve also broken some stereotypes of what we think celebrities should be like in real life.

Article Source : brightside

1. Queen’s guitarist is an outstanding astrophysicist.

Brian May is famous for providing the band led by Freddie Mercury with harmonious guitar melodies, but he’s not just a rock star. May also enjoys doing research about stars, or at least certain types of celestial bodies. He holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and has cooperated with NASA’s New Horizons mission on their investigations regarding the planetoid or “dwarf planet” Pluto.