10 Fascinating Body Features You May Only See Once in a Lifetime

Beauty is diverse — there’s no particular characteristic that can categorize someone as beautiful or ugly. The old saying, “It takes all sorts to create a world” is more accurate now than it was years ago, but still equally correct. People with different disorders or deformations are finally able to show their true beauty through their social media accounts or careers and we’re all thankful for what they stand for.

1. Albinism

This gorgeous model was photographed at 16 years old by the talented photographer Danil Golovkin. At first glance, she looks like a porcelain doll, but in reality, she has albinism, a rare genetic disorder in which people who are affected by it lack pigment in their eyes, hair, and skin. The name of this model is Nastya Kumarova and she has a very successful modeling career thanks to her magnificent look.

This unique looking model, also affected by albinism is named Sir Maejor Page, otherwise known on social media as “The Minister of Justice” and he’s taking the movie and acting world by storm. Through his magnificent look, he embraces his beauty and his career is thriving.

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