10 Of The Craziest Things Seen On Google Maps

You or someone you know has likely been paging through Google Maps’ images just to check a change of scenery, or even because you need to know someone’s address and you suddenly run across a truly odd image. Sometimes, it’s just a guy who appears to be forever frozen in time. Other times, it might be the beginnings of a building that looks especially weird because of the stage of construction it was photographed in. Then there are the times when you run across something truly odd. Going out and looking for these truly strange sights has become a bit of a favorite past time for some people. Thanks to those people, you can now check out the 10 craziest things ever seen on Google Maps. Tell us what you think after you’ve looked at them all.

The Lonely Prada Store


It isn’t unusual to see a Prada store on Google Maps, until you take a look at the store’s location. Located in Valentine, Texas this isn’t actually a store you can go shopping in. The rumors are this was an art project, likely to see how many people driving through the desert would try and buy that special bag.