10 Of The Hilarious Signs Ever Put Up

Time to time, we all have to get somewhat creative in order to get a little attention. Stores and signs are no different and in order to get some attention they often try to be funny. While some people went a bit over the top and ended up getting all the wrong kind of attention, our list looks at some signs that definitely got some good attention and even managed to crack us up along the way. Some of these signs are intentionally funny and some were likely funnier than the people who put them up intended. Whatever the final verdict, you’re going to want to check out our list of 10 of the funniest signs ever put up and let us know what you though in the comments section.

Some Park Rangers Have A Better Sense of Humor Than Others

You’ve got to love that some parks actually shelled out money to put the dog message on the sign. We imagine people going for a hike get a chuckle every time.