10 Of the Most Comical Acts of Funny Vandalism That Are Absolutely Genius

Sometimes vandalism may not always be destructive. On the other hand it can be incredibly funny especially when done by a street artist or someone with a great sense of humor. Many of these photos aren’t destructive in nature but when you see how they have been altered, you will laugh out loud. Given the fact that they are acts of vandalism but you have to give credit to the extremely funny way these public objects have been transformed from plain objects or pieces of art to objects of laughter. From King Kong on the corner of a street wall, to sculptures becoming hilarious objects, take a look at these 15 funny acts of vandalism.

1: A tiny rain forest

Someone had the bright idea of removing one of the tiles and growing little tufts’ of grass which when seen from above resembles a tiny little rainforest. He has even labeled it as such. Think about pedestrians and what would be the reaction when coming across something like this.