10 Of The Weirdest Mascots Of All Time

Believe it or not, sports team mascots actually do have an effect on how the players perform while out on the field. Whether the mascot is silly or normal, they can affect the fans and team in multiple ways, causing them to stand up and cheer more often, build up anticipation, and even boost energy. Mascots are carefully designed to bring the team good luck, despite some being in all shapes, sizes, and various species from around the world. As we said, some of them make sense, like the Hornet for The Hornets. Others just don’t. Here are the ten weirdest sports mascots of all time.

Scrotie, Mascot of the Nads

At one point in history, the Rhode Island School of Design had their own mascot for the men’s hockey team, who were known as “The Nads.” The mascot was named Scrotie. The mascot was hilarious, but banned.