10 Ugly Duckling Child Stars Who Surprised Everyone by Growing up to Be Hot

Growing up on the silver screen is not easy. Your awkward puberty years are blown up about 50 times, and sometimes the whole world is watching. But there’s a special kind of revenge that many child stars get on all those who watched them grow up. And that is: They get super hot.

Like, unbelievably so. Their transformations are all the more awesome because we can say we knew them way back when. These glow ups are inspirational to us all, and simultaneously, we are not worthy of peering upon these beautiful souls, but we’re going to show these pics to you anyway.

Article Source :  twentytwowords

Matthew Lewis Then


Perhaps the most drastic child star transformation came to us from Hogwarts in the form of Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom. As a little kid, Lewis matched his character; he was a bit awkward and easy to make fun of.

But joke’s on us…

Matthew Lewis Now


Because Matthew Lewis became smokin’ hot! Like, what?

He even became a verb — the term for when child stars make pretty incredible transformations to adulthood is now called Longbottoming.