12 Fake Photos the Entire Internet Believed Were Real

Internet users upload millions of photos every day. Different photos make people feel certain ways but pictures that evoke strong emotions often go viral. Everyone likes and shares these pictures but not everyone takes the time to read the comments. If they did, they’d learn that some of the photos are actually fake.

1. Here’s what happened to a rainforest over 10 years.

This photo collage became a hit thanks to the popular #10YearChallenge. On Reddit, this picture is accompanied by text that says that every year, 46,000 to 58,000 square miles of forest are lost to deforestation. The photo looks real especially because of the logo in the right corner. But in fact, this is not a collage of 2 pictures taken 10 years apart, it is one picture from a photo stock. It shows Malasia where the rainforest was removed to increase the territory for growing palm trees.

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