15 Real People Who Look Like They Walked Out of a Fantasy Novel

You’ve seen the cartoon show Popeye with the sailor World Health Organization has large forearms that don’t look natural. What if we tend to tell you there was an individual on our planet World Health Organization has those arms which they were natural and from birth?

Yes, believe it or not, however there area unit many folks on our planet World Health Organization were born with conditions that create them seem like characters from fantasy novels or from the imaginations of fairytale writers. These folks don’t seem like traditional folks however believe U.S.A. they were born traditional and grew up traditional however they are doing not look something sort of a traditional human.

1. Jeff Dabe

Jeff Dabe was born in 1963 in Stacy, Minnesota. Even at birth, this little child had unusually large arms, and there was nothing wrong with him medically. As he grew up he got the nickname “Popeye,” as he resembled the muscular cartoon sailor. Today he is a champion arm wrestler with forearms that are 19 in (48 cm) long.