22 Funny And Strange Photos Captured By Walmart Security Cameras

Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, which makes it no surprise that it attracts one multifarious crowd.

Sometimes the people who occupy Walmart can make the shopping experience all the more entertaining.

Here are 24 funny and strange people who have been caught on camera in Walmarts around the world.

1. Walmart carries everything you could need from food to the latest tech gadgets, and the discounts make it a go-to stop for most families. However, the fact that these stores seem to carry everything seems to make the customers think they can wear anything. For some reason, the customers of Walmart have been so outlandishly zany that they’ve solidified their place as comedic Internet gold. From the wildly questionable outfit choices to people with just no shame while in public, Walmart sees some pretty out there things yet we all still keep going back. This woman decided to don a full-on wedding dress while walking down the packaged deli aisle. Maybe the wedding is over and she’s doing some last minute prep before the honeymoon? Whatever her reasoning is, the beauty of Walmart is that no one will question it and everyone can let their inner freak flag fly high.

2. It doesn’t have to be Hallowe’en for things to get freaky in Walmart. Holding what appears to be a Christmas ornament, this person looks like they’ve channeled their inner Cindy Lou Who, that is if Cindy Lou Who grew up to be a Satanist. Maybe this customer is just confused by Christmas stuff being rolled out at the same time as Hallowe’en stuff.