30 Photos captured at the perfect moment

That is likely because photographs catch the shortest instant in time — frequently, those we can not view independently. That is pretty unique in itself!

In case you’ve got a smartphone, you have likely taken hundreds, or even thousands of images. But once upon a time, folks could not examine their photos straight away. They had no clue what they grabbed till they found a bodily print. And needless to say, should they snapped something mad?

Nowadays, taking photographs is far more straightforward. You point your phone, click on the button, then you may examine it instantly. You may even edit pictures straight away. That is something nobody in the first days of photography needed — the ability to change colour, tint, and light within moments of taking a photograph.

But despite all these attributes, you are still jump occasionally to catch a humorous picture or 2. And at times, it is as straightforward as being in the perfect place at the ideal moment. These 75 photographs are evidence of that!

1. Glinda the Good Dog

This puppy has been lounging in the lawn and just happened to be captured in a bubble, giving it the appearance of Glinda in The Wizard of Oz who travels into a magic bubble.