A British Explorer Spent 60 Days on the Streets and Decided He’ll Never Give Handouts to the Homeless Again

Ed Stafford is a former captain of the British Army, an adventurer, and an explorer. For his new TV documentary project 60 Days on the Streets on Channel 4, he left his son, wife, and their cozy home for 2 months so that he could live the life of a homeless person for this period of time. He had to live without food, money, and shelter in the middle of winter. By doing this, he wanted to figure out why people end up on the streets and how they manage to get by.

(h/t: brightside)

The problem of homelessness is not just relevant in developing countries. According to 2018 research, 320,000 people in Great Britain alone have no home, which is approximately one out of every 200 people. More than a half of these people live in London and many are ex-military.

Ed Stafford, who is currently 43 years old, decided to find out why these people end up on the streets. In order to do this, he lived on the streets of London, Manchester, and Glasgow for 60 days.