Amazing Facts About the Human Body You Were Never Taught in School

How much do you really know about the way your body works? Once high school biology comes and goes, most of us have a decent idea–but there are some things that just don’t come up in sophomore bio! And that’s unfortunate because there are some insanely amazing facts about the human body that just pass us by! We don’t often–or ever–think about every moving part that makes our bodies work, but many of them have some surprising stories to read about.

So check out these fascinating facts about the human body, as provided by Reddit! You won’t believe the little things that your body is capable of, without you ever knowing.

The bone that supports your eyeball, called the orbital floor, is paper-thin and has a large empty cavity, called the maxillary sinus, on the opposite side. When you get hit hard in the eyeball, instead of your eyeball itself rupturing, the bone underneath your eye breaks, which is called an orbital floor fracture. This releases the pressure from the impact and saves your eyeball.

If you crush a beachball against a concrete wall, you can pop it, but if you try to crush it against a styrofoam wall, the wall breaks but the beachball is fine. An amazing evolutionary adaptation to protect your eyesight.–ddsmd