If Your Child Sits in This Position, Stop Them Immediately

Raising a healthy, happy child might seem insurmountable, but people have been managing it since time began. It’s the most natural thing in the world. The difficulty is that now we are learning an increasing amount about what does and what doesn’t work, and it can make the task feel even more daunting.

In a world of too much information, this is one super simple thing that you can do to prevent some pretty catastrophic consequences.

Just remember that we are always getting better than we once were.

These days, the world seems full of things that children can’t do.


As the internet allows us to look up an endless stream of information, facts and opinions, it can seem difficult to know what your child is actually allowed to do.

This leads a lot of people to hark back to the past.

The world used to be a much simpler place.

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Children were seen and not heard. They knew their place. Children listened to their parents and would eat what they were given. We’ve all heard the phrases.

But there were some other sides to that life too.