Jessica Simpson Pens Public Letter to Natalie Portman Over Bikini Pics

Let us tell it like it is: the’90s and’00s have been a bizarre time– and there is no getting around it. For one, the trend trends were rather different. Can you recall butterfly clips? Or a time if it was trendy to roll in glitter prior to hanging out in the mall to get a night time. . .mall hanging? Like I said, this time frame was very bizarre.

If you listened to the radio or see a gossip catalog throughout the’90s and early’00s, you would also know it had been full of legendary pop celebrities. Whether you’re a Xtina enthusiast or Team Britney, there is no denying how soda queens ruled this period of time. These pop stars were young women, being marketed in a means which was outside of the hands.

If you have been on Twitter or even Instagram recently, then you will know this very subject came up involving Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman.

So, here’s the tea:


In a recent interview with USA Today, Portman spoke about her upcoming role as a pop star in Vox Lux. 

The conversation naturally moved to actual pop stars, and Portman made some interesting comments about Simpson.