Mistakes That Caused Instant Regret

A lot of times, we make a mistake and don’t realize it for a good, long while. Forgetting to study for a test is a mistake that doesn’t make itself known until report cards come out. Guilt slowly eats away at you, day by day, when you cheat on your significant other. And skipping showers won’t make you a social pariah for about three weeks. None of these mistakes cause instant regret.

But man oh man, do some mistakes ever make themselves known. Here, we’ve collected the best moments from Reddit’s /r/instant_regret. These are the times when you mess up and immediately shake your head and go, “What was I thinking there, exactly?” Hopefully, you’re not making too many kinds of these mistakes — I try to limit myself to one or two moments of colossal mess-up-ery a week — but if you are, consider slowing down, taking a deep breath, and asking yourself before you do anything, “Am I going to instantly regret this?”


Are you buckled in?

Man, amusement park rides are supposed to be fun. This girl on the right here was clearly suckered into this ride by her quote-unquote “friend” on the left, who is just having herself a great time.