Photos That Will Make Your Brain Say ‘Nope’

Sometimes people on the internet are good and kind, posting photos to make you smile. But other times? Other times people post photos that make you go “nope!” and close the internet for the rest of the day.

From strange spiders and over-sized animals to bizarre dolls and frightening statues (who would even make that statue of Jason Voorhees, let alone leave it at the bottom of a lake?), these images are such to make you slap your laptop closed for at least the rest of the day.

As the most daring of internet curators, we’ve found those images and put them together. Here then are the most creepy and disturbing images from Reddit’s /r/Nope subreddit. Steel your nerves before you continue…

Source: twentytwowords

I hope it’s dead and not just asleep.

I’m just gonna say it — this paw? It’s too big! I’m not a fan!