What Your Body Odor Reveals About Your Health

When a body gives off a scent others may find unpleasant, it is known as body odor. Sweat is said to be the main cause of odor. However, that’s not quite correct as it is virtually odorless to humans. It is the rapid multiplication of bacteria in the presence of sweat and their breaking down of sweat into acids that eventually causes the unpleasant smell. Most importantly, body odor should be considered a reason to worry because it says a lot about possible health problems like diabetes, liver problems, or the wrong diet.

If your body has a fecal smell…

it may be caused by bowel obstruction. This is quite a dangerous medical condition, occurring when there is a blockage in the large or small intestine. Such a blockage in the intestinal tract usually causes breath that smells like poop, and anything you eat will only aggravate the bad breath. Moreover, problems with digestion can cause a bad smell of sweat. Sweat from the armpits is affected the most, although different parts of the body could also produce sweat with a fecal smell.