Which “Game of Thrones” Actor Made the Most Money for the Show

Game of Thrones became such an iconic show that even though it finished a week ago, people are still talking about it. The finale was really divisive and controversial, and you probably know that some fans were actually so unsatisfied with season 8 that they created a petition for reshooting the final season and the author of the books, George Martin, promised that the end of the book saga would be different from the show. But one thing we can still talk about are the financial results of the show.

15. Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) — $1 million

Nathalie Emmanuel’s character, Missandei, made her first appearance in season 3 and almost instantly earned love from some adoring fans. Over the course of 5 seasons, she evolved from a slave into Daenerys’s right hand. For all the seasons, Nathalie earned about $1 million. This is very good money for an actress who is not playing a main role.