13 Annoying Things We Need to Stop Doing on Planes

With over four.3 billion people flying every year, it’s inevitable to run into issues with fellow passengers that may flip your few hours of flying into a living nightmare. However, we’ve to stay in mind that we are all packed into a confined house that we can’t extremely escape and our stress levels area unit pushed to the limit. So, it’s best for all of us folks people to be additional kind of the individuals around us and stop doing things that may be taken as rude or annoying so as to own a pleasing flight.

We place along with an inventory of annoying things that folks ought to stop doing whereas traveling that the majority folks can’t stand.

13. Putting your feet on the seats, walls, and armrests

There’s nothing more painful than being stuck in a tiny airplane seat for hours without being able to feel comfortable, but that doesn’t excuse anyone from feeling the need to put their feet in someone’s else’s personal bubble. Some people might not realize it, but not only are you invading someone’s personal space, but you’re also making it more difficult for them to move. So, if you’d like to stretch your legs and get out of that painful position, once the seatbelt sign is off, you can just stand up and walk down the aisle to stretch.