7 Incredibly Odd Ways a Woman’s Body Can Change After Giving Birth

Giving birth to a child is the most precious gift of life and the most exciting event for any parent. Pregnancy and childbirth bring about a whole lot of changes in the life of both parents, but mothers experience the most unexpected changes in their bodies. While some of the postpartum symptoms like stretch marks and hair loss are quite common, there are others that are so mind-blowing, even experienced mothers are taken by surprise.

1. You may feel phantom baby kicks.

This is probably one of the strangest postpartum feelings a woman can have. After giving birth, some women can still feel “kicks” which can even convince them they’re pregnant again. There are several theories that attempt to explain this odd phenomenon. One of them suggests that during pregnancy women become too aware of the uterine movements and sensations and as a result, these movements are more easily recognized after giving birth.