9 Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Will Impress Even the Most Skeptical Audiences

The amazing world of magic attracts both children and adults. As kids, we all loved magic tricks, didn’t we? We get older, but a good tasteful trick or illusion never does.

9. Bottomless drinking cup

The trick involves 4 transparent tumblers. Each of them is twice as large as the previous one. The smallest one is filled with milk. The magician pours the milk into the tumbler that is twice its size, and…the milk completely fills the second tumbler. Then he pours the milk into the third tumbler, and the milk again doubles in volume.

How it’s done: There’s a solid plastic cylinder filling the center of each tumbler. However, it leaves a narrow channel around the sides. So the milk doesn’t miraculously double but fills a specially designed space, which is…yes…only 8 oz.