9 Simple Things That Most People Just Can’t Do

All people are special and unique in their own ways. In fact, some people have abilities that could amaze you. These include things that you may have never thought about or figured were even possible. Some people can’t do things as simple as wiggle their ears or raise one eyebrow, for example. But believe it or not, there are a select few that can.

1. Isolating your ring finger

Most people tend to slightly bend their ring finger when they move their middle finger or their pinky (also known as the baby finger). That said, there are people who are able to isolate their ring finger which is believed to be hereditary.

2. Touching your chin or nose with your tongue

Most people’s tongues don’t reach that far out, but some people can actually touch their nose or chin with the tip of their tongue in what is known as the Gorlin sign. Just nearly 10% percent of the world’s population can perform this motion.