Jimmy Fallon Asked Twitter to Share Prom Fails and You Won’t Believe Some of These Stories

How well do you remember your prom? Was it a magical evening filled with sparkling formal wear, fragrant corsages, killer dance moves and the excitement of young love? Or was it about a million times more depressing than that?

Teen movies have a way of presenting prom night as something pretty far from reality. Most high school kids have, at best, a fun night of dancing, and, at worst, one giant humiliation that they’re still not fully recovered from. I, for example, met my prom date at the local grocery store and was forced to watch as he slow-danced with my best friend for the entire night. While I’ve since overcome the embarrassment (mostly), it still stings to think about all these years later.

If your experience was anything like mine, the following 30 tales of #promfails will make you feel a whole lot better. And they’ll make you really glad that you’re no longer an awkward teenager.

This celebrity fail

After asking for people to reveal their most epic prom fails, Jimmy Fallon graciously offered his own.

And it’s a doozy.

I’m pretty sure even Beyoncé couldn’t dance to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

(Actually, she probably could, because Queen Bey can do anything.)

This logical replacement


Smart move, school.

You swapped out one alcohol receptacle for another that actually holds more alcohol.