Why Hollywood Doesn’t Cast Cameron Diaz Anymore

If you think back to the early ’00s, one of the biggest names in Hollywood was Cameron Diaz. She’d come off the back of a range of hugely successful films, jumping from romantic comedy, My Best Friend’s Wedding; to surreal fantasy, Being John Malkovich; to sexy action franchise, Charlie’s Angels; to family favorite, Shrek. With such an impressive back catalog, you may still think of Diaz as a big star. But she’s actually not appeared in a film since 2014 – and hasn’t had a critical success in far, far longer.

So what’s gone so wrong for Diaz? Well, as you may expect, there’s no one answer to this question. Rather, there’s a complicated web of reasons for Diaz’s demise. Interested in exploring what happens when a successful Hollywood career goes wrong? Read on.

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Born in San Diego in 1972, Cameron Diaz is an actress and Hollywood star.

Or at least, she was an actress. In spite of still being a big name, there are big questions about the future of Diaz’s career.